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What is the correct potency to use in acute care or emergency?

Hello everyone!

The fall equinox is approaching and the subtle changes of the season are upon us as the light shifts, the weather gets cooler, and we look forward to the beauty of autumn.

I left Istanbul and I am in southern France visiting friends where I will give a talk on homeopathy and emergency or acute care.

Everywhere I go I find people really interested in learning how to use and take care of themselves with homeopathy. I always focus on the practical application of it so people have a strong sense of self care and self empowerment by learning how to apply it to their lives. This need is even greater since covid.

As I sensed a lot of covid fatigue regarding the whole subject, I haven’t mention it much in my last few newsletters, but as covid seems to be quickly making the rounds again (I have seen quite a few cases in the past month) I can again suggest that you make sure you have Bryonia Alba 1M, 10M ,and CM potency. 

If you fly anywhere or attend an event with exposure to many people then take a dose of Bryonia Alba 1M before you go. You can take it once the next day too if you are concerned or feel your energy go down as that can be the first sign of it. 

In my last newsletter I also suggested that you have at least a 10M Gelsimium in your homeopathic supplies. This is also a “flu virus” energy I see coming up for many people right now. If you have both remedies you should be fine.

As for vaccines and boosters it is obviously an individual’s decision to do so but we know more about the effects of the vaccines now and there is general admission that “the “vaccine” does not prevent infection and does not prevent transmission”. 

People often get the vaccine as they feel it prevents a more serious case of covid or hospitalization.

So why not do homeopathy which is gentle, effective, and powerful in its own right to heal from covid and can be used prophylactically too?

Many homeopaths through out the world have had excellent success using homeopathy with people who got covid whether vaccinated or not but you won’t read about it on the general is an unacknowledged trojan horse of success in the world today when it comes to covid. It works. Period.

“ Long haulers” from covid are regularly contacting me for help.

I am making some interesting observations from these people and at some point I will share those findings but more observation needs to be done to draw any definitive conclusions.

Almost everyday I receive questions about what potency should someone take when sick or going through an acute challenge or emergency. 

While I go into more detail about this issue with my twice a year webinars on homeopathy, the simple answer is any potency will help but it all depends on the degree of intensity of the condition.

For instance if you bump a knee and it hurts or swells a little…a few doses of Arnica 30c should be sufficient. But if you are in a major car accident(many years ago I was and Arnica saved my life) then taking repeated doses of Arnica 10m is advised. So the intensity of acute injury or condition and the degree of potency should be matched to fit each situation. 

Sometimes just a single dose of a high potency can trigger the person’s own healing and he or she can then immediately start moving in a healing direction.

As the eminent homeopath and author, Richard Pitt, wrote, Homeopathy has always embraced the holistic, dynamic view of the universe. Everything is alive and its all connected.

Homeopathy is based on a law of nature which is the law of similars. The entire premise of this great law assumes you are your own healer and the quantum doses are merely catalysts to move you forward on your path.

Are there times it is difficult to find a remedy in a chronic condition in a person…the answer is yes. If we were just treating children who don’t have layers of trauma, medications, and the “stress"of living in a very challenging evolving world, it would be easier.

But as Alan Schmukler, the homeopath and editor of the online newsletter, Homeopathy for Everyone, has said, “Homeopathy is hard work, requires intense dedication, great clarity of thought, and emotional sensitivity. It is not for the faint of heart. Even with one’s best efforts, it will fail at times. Nevertheless, it’s still the best game in the house.

On another note I want to remind people who consider themselves “quantum activists” or just interested to consider participating in an upcoming world wide walking mediation event for a half hour initiated by Dr. Joe Dispenza on Saturday, Sept 23, 2023 which is on the autumn equinox.

Even if you are not familiar with his work, anyone can participate and it’s free. Over 156 countries are participating and the vibration and consciousness should be high that day! If you can take the time to do it you will never regret it. (Dr. Joe Dispenza is an international speaker, researcher, author and educator who is passionate about the findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetic, and quantum physics exploring the the science behind healing.)

Finally, while I do give webinars on acute care and emergencies twice a year, I also do individual one on one sessions for anyone who wants to learn this first level of homeopathic care or if you organize a group of five or more I will do a special session.Just send me an email.

If you are interested in booking a consult with me please contact me at or call me at 978-806-7966.

Be well!



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