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Homeopathy is on the move...

Hello Everyone,

I don't know about you but I have been tuning into the celestial heavens these days to fully experience the powerful luna and solar eclipses of the past few weeks.

The day of the solar eclipse I headed to the woods by myself so I could have the inner peace and feel connected to the natural world. I was alone in the forest and I felt very much aligned in both my heart and soul.

As the eclipse peaked a gentle breeze ceased. The dark water of the pond went still, the birds stopped singing, and I witnessed a profound shift in light. I felt like I was wearing cosmic sunglasses.

At the same time I had an opportunity to participate in a remote healing mediation at the exact moment of the solar eclipse.

wow! As I already felt so connected it was a profound experience to send love out to people who needed the vibration of healing.

In some ways when you take a well indicated homeopathic remedy there is a similar kind of effect. These tiny pellets are messengers of both healing and love.

What do I mean by this?

Everything in life has a vibration and those of you who use homeopathic remedies know that when you take a remedy that "works" something changes within you that is both subtle and often profound. You just feel better.

This is true from acute manias to emergency traumas. It is the frequency level ( potency) of the remedy that is matching your emotional frequency at the same time. It makes one more aware that we are a combination of consciousness and vibration.

So for instance, if you are traumatized by an experience of surviving a terrible bombing, you will likely be in a state of tremendous fear. At such time imagine having a Homeopathic Doctors Without Borders practitioner at your side to give you a high dose of Aconite.

The high potency of the remedy would match the vibration of fear.

You would immediately come out of shock!

Homeopathy doesn't change your circumstances but helps how you react to those circumstances. This is the miraculous power of its effectiveness.

Some great news! Homeopathic kits are back in stock with many homeopathic pharmacies. For instance, Washington Homeopathics now has their 200c kit back in stock. I have used this kit for many years now and highly recommend it for both its price and selection. Check it out at

I am heading to the National Center for Homeopathy's 50th anniversary celebration next week (April 17-22) in Virginia, just outside of DC. Homeopaths from all over the globe will be speaking, teaching, and connecting. A major new documentary on Homeopathy will be shown for the first time and hopefully onto Netflicks next.

You can still sign up for the conference virtually if you can't go in person, just check out the NCH website.

Gungor Buzot, the celebrated author of the award winning and international best selling book, I Was Dying, Then I Changed My Mind will be there autographing her book.

So it will be a fun time to connect with people, learn new information, and be with kindred souls!

I want to mention that time to time I will be sending out info on various holistic practitioners that are opening up practices or branches of their practices. If you live near southern Maine or Newburyport , MA USA please check out Leslie Parker at Inner Balance, a pelvic floor therapist and physical therapist.:

Finally, I am working on an exciting new website which will be launched in a month of so with new information so stay tuned!

If you are interested in booking a consult with me or just have some questions, please contact me at or give me a call at 978-806-7966.

Be well,



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