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The Healing Mind
Meditation in Motion...

You’ve seen them, groups of practitioners in your local park, and were fascinated by the beauty of their elegant, slow and graceful movements – performed in near perfect unison. But, did you know that you were watching a martial arts form that is also a meditation, a form of therapy for the mind and body?

Tai Chi and Qi gong are centuries old martial art forms. Documentary short The Healing Mind – Meditation in Motion (a production of Vital Ingredients Pictures and Blue Umbrella Entertainment), explores how the practice of these ancient forms of movement with their focus on mindfulness are helping seriously ill patients, with particular benefit for many of the side effects associated with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Cancer treatments.

Now, western medicine is catching on to the lasting benefits of patients who choose Tai Chi and Qi Gong as an integral part of their therapy plans.  Check our the trailer below.

Our Story

Jai Bradford

An accomplished TV news veteran turned filmmaker/multi-media producer/documentarian, Jai excels at stunning visuals, exceptional storytelling, and high-end production capabilities to drive audience engagement using modern digital technology. Jai has created and curated content for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS and an impressive list of private clients, his devotion to delivering meaningful viewer experiences is driven by a passion to position, message, differentiate and simplify complex offerings. Jai’s ability to connect and communicate with his subjects continues to drive his quest for truth in the narrative. He studied Photography and Cinematography at Community College of Philadelphia, earning an Associate’s Degree. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Multimedia & Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts and a Continuing Studies Certificate of Digital Media & Marketing from Duke University.

Filmmaker & Co-founder and Director of Operations at Blue Umbrella Group, LLC

Betsey Beaven

A former co-owner of one of the top vegetarian restaurants in the country, former food critic, and co-author of four cooks books. When not helping people with homeopathy, she is interested in studying and seeking many holistic and long distance meditative ways of healing.

Co-producer and writer of The Healing Mind-Mediation in Motion

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