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Can Homeopathy help change your consciousness and vibration?

 Hello Everyone,

With all the intense challenges going on in the world today I am often asked the question: Is there a homeopathic remedy for such and such acute condition?

My response or rather question back is....

Are you prepared for an emergency? 

Do you know what to do when faced with the following:

Emotional Trauma? Shock? Loss? Physical Trauma? Assaults? Wounds? Concussions, Burns, Tick Bites, Stings, Anaphylactic Reactions? Fevers, Flus, Covid?

Join me for the answers on Saturday January 27, 2024 for my Homeopathic Educational webinar on Emergencies! 

Learn how to apply this safe, gentle and natural therapeutics for quick, effective, and maximum results.

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD: If you sign up by January 15 cost is only $65.00.


When: Saturday,January 27, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM-11:30 AM (includes time for lots of questions)

How: Zoom call

All materials for the webinar will be provided.

Cost after January 17: $75.00 (Venmo, Zelle, credit cards via my website, and checks are accepted.

To Sign up: Please email me at

Testimonial for previous classes:

"I took Betsey Beaven's class on how to use a homeopathic kit. I was so excited by Betsey's knowledge and enthusiasm. What an amazing and generous offering to work with a skilled homeopath and have an opportunity to ask questions in a one to one session.I highly recommend this opportunity."  

Walia Dungan, homeopathic student

Hope to see you there!


As we move into another year of discovery along our beautiful soul’s path and set our intentions, it is a great time to reflect on some of the larger questions of life too.

Such questions as…What is my purpose? What do I want? Who do I want to come with me along my path? How can I love myself even more? What can help me move through some of the greatest challenges in my life?

Wow! I certainly won’t attempt to answer all those questions but just present them for you to think about for yourself. 

I will however, venture to say that homeopathy can often profoundly help you change from one state of consciousness and vibration to another via quantum energy and the law of similiars.

Quantum of course refers to the nano particles of quantum energy that consists of a homeopathic remedy. The law of similars, “similia similibus curentur” is the healing principle that like cures like and serves as the law of nature we use to help someone heal with homeopathy.

So how does homeopathy help you change your consciousness and vibration?

First of course it's important you set an intention that you want to heal.

If you are familiar with metaphysical principles you know that your thoughts (consciousness) and feelings(vibration) determine what you manifest in life. Many great teachers, seers, and wise ones have spoken of this knowledge throughout ancient history. Indigenous ways of knowing have especially understood this phenomenon in terms of healing.

Homeopathy looks at the whole of a person from a mental, emotional, and physical point of view. Thus your whole body is interconnected as your vital organs, molecules, and cells, right down to the protons and electrons in the atoms of your body are in a state of consciousness. It assumes you are an energy vibrating being.

So when I am seeking a remedy to help someone, I am looking for the similarity between the person’s consciousness( how they think) and their vibration (how they feel). I am not focused on the disease the person’s exhibits.

Of course there is useful information by knowing about a particular illness but it is not what is central to understanding how to help someone. In other words symptoms are not the disease but evidence of disease. Homeopathy thus has a revolutionary understanding of the role of symptoms.

Take a remedy like Ignatia amara, which has a clear mental and emotional component to it which leads one to the use of the remedy. For instance, someone could say they have follicular tonsillitis. Most conventional doctors would prescribe an antibiotic. I would approaches it totally differently.

For example: After much inquiry of a woman who contacts me about this kind of throat condition, I find out that she is quite distressed because she recently lost a love one, is going through a divorce, and can hardly talk. She says her throat is better eating something which seems contradictory given the nature of her throat pain. Finally, she is often sighing when she speaks. At this point I perceive the totally of symptoms, mentally, emotionally, and physically and they point to Ignatia amara. 

If the person’s emotions are intense with grief then I would likely advise the potency 200c or even higher to match the emotions(vibration) of the person.

After inquiry a day or so later, I find that her throat has much improved, the emotional state has shifted into a greater sense of well being, and the mental state of the person has achieved more clarity. Hence the shift in the totality of the energetic state( consciousness and vibration) of the person.

Homeopathy obviously doesn’t change your circumstances in life but it can profoundly help you move forward in a healing direction. 

Many of the paradigms shifts taking place at this time on earth are moving at an accelerated rate and so it’s important to find more holistic and dynamic ways of healing and move with these changes in light, love, and life.

Like birds listening to the ground for worms to eat, we must deep listen to what our beloved Earth is telling us, for She is asking us to give back more than what we take.

Finally, as you navigate through the challenges of life, I will remind you of a famous quote from the Sufi poet Rumi, 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”.

Go in peace this new year ahead and allow your light to glow a little bit brighter.....

If you are interested in booking a consult with me or just have some questions, please contact me at or give me a call at 978-806-7966.

Be well,



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