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What if love isn't enough?

Hello everyone,

After a cool, wet, and energizing spring I am ready for summer. How about you?

I realized the other day that I often identify with certain animals each season. In the fall, I become like an owl, slowing down, observing, and noting all the life around me. In the winter I am like a bear, hibernating, heavier, as I store up my energy. Spring brings renewal and I become a deer moving quickly through the woods with grace and vitality. Ah and then summer…well a dolphin of course! Swimming with such bliss in the turquoise sea off the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey (Datca) prepares me to feel fully alive... so I am heading back!

Recently I was sitting with a friend next to this lovely pond and experienced the wonder of watching two large Great blue herons doing a courting dance together.

All spring I had observed a single Great blue heron travel alone so seeing two of them was unusual. It was an amazing site to behold. Spreading their large wings the two magnificent birds danced with such grace and elegance that it took my breath away. It was a special event to witness.

I have spent many springs watching blue herons pass through my area over the years. I have tried to learn what the essence of patience is by observing them. I do this not only because I admire their beauty but also because all creatures have something to teach us if we stay open to receiving. 

In my own practice I have learned to appreciate the power of patience when applying homeopathy. Many of us live in a world which expects instant gratification when it comes to healing. Conventional medications often "work" very quickly but unfortunately often have difficult side effects.

Homeopathic remedies must be precisely chosen or generally nothing happens! At that point someone new to using these remedies just concludes they don’t work. They would be right! They don’t unless you have the most similar remedy that the person needs. 

This means the skill of the homeopath and his or her patience to keep looking for a remedy is crucial. The remedy selection must correspond to the law of similars which is a law of nature.

Patience, persistence, and perception are all skillfully required to pursue this profound modality. 

So what happens when you have an acute situation or even an emergency?

While quick action is often needed... so is the patience to figure out how to look for the best remedy. You must be as vigilant as the Great blue heron as it listens for the movement of fish.

Recently a friend of mine who lives in southern Turkey went swimming. When she came out of the water there was a woman sitting with her husband and my friend struck up a conversation with her.

The woman ended up telling my friend that she suffered terribly from cystitis. Medications didn’t help and she was in alot of acute pain that day. After asking a few key questions, my friend drove back to her house, picked up Cantheris 200c, drove back to the beach, and told her to take it a few times that day.

The next day the woman called her and said it was a miracle! She couldn’t believe how much better she felt after years of suffering. 

So you never know when you might be in a position to help someone. This is why I keep my homeopathy emergency kit with me whenever I go.

So a few words about homeopathic remedies that are often needed during the summer.

Besides Arnica ( which I carry everywhere) I always make sure I carry Ledum for tick bites. If you get bit take a dose of Ledum 200c a few times that day and put some organic neem oil on the bite asap. If the tick is engorged the neem ( I use Alaffia brand) will help extract it from the body and also very likely prevent an infected tick from doing damage if you apply it within 24 hours. Ticks hate neem oil! For me it is the best way to prevent Lyme disease.

For sunburn obviously something with aloe or calendula can help topically but Cantheris 200c (burns) or Natrum muriaticum 200c( mild sunstroke) can make a big difference. Belladona 200c if headaches come on quickly from the sun works well too.

Of course Rhus tox 200c for poison ivy is best to have on hand as well as a soap or a spray with jewelweed, a plant which native people used to relieve the itchiness. Find and pick some jewelweed from the woods, blend the succulent stems in a blender, pour the liquid in ice cube containers. Keep it in the refrigerator if you often get poison ivy and need relief. 

Gelsemium 200c is used for summer flus when one feels droopy, drowsy, dull and dumb with fever, chills and no thirst.

If stung by a bee or jelly fish from the ocean, a few doses of Apis mellifica 200c can make a difference, especially if cold water relieves the sting.

Usually with acute situations I advise people to take a remedy three times in one hour. Wait an hour and then repeat if the remedy helps. If the situation is not resolved and If there is no change after the first dosing…likely you will need another remedy.

Nux vomica 200c and Arsenicum album 200c can help upset stomachs when traveling. Best to just bring a kit so you are covered for everything!

Finally, for the summer if you travel be sure to bring Bryonia alba and Carboneum oxygenatum with you. High doses like 10m is a good idea. In the northeast U.S. there is a reporting of a resurgence of the Omicron covid virus. Often it is manifesting as a pesky cold which lingers. I haven’t seen many cases myself but it’s good to have both remedies on hand should you need them.

Please note I will be going on vacation from June 22-27. I am also be traveling to southern Turkey for two months beginning a July 3.

I will continue to work and consult via zoom all summer. If you need to reach me for an emergency or inquiry, I use Telegram or Whatsapp as they are free.

Finally, I have written before about the power of love to heal as have many others. Learning to love oneself is so critical to living on this beautiful earth. It’s the greatest gift we can give our children. It’s the greatest gift they can receive to know for themselves…that they are their own healers and the power of genuine self love will always guide them.

A very wise doctor once said, “The best medicine to heal is love ”.

Someone then asked, “What if it isn’t enough?”

She replied, “Up the dose”!

If you are interested in booking a consult with me please contact me at or call me at 978-806-7966.

Be well!




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