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The Bigger Picture of Healing from Covid-19

Welcome to the fall!


The Autumn equinox has come and gone in the Northern Hemisphere and the days are getting shorter. It's a good time to reflect on the many rapid changes happening in the world since Covid-19 changed our lives.


There are majors shifts of consciousness taking place as the earth herself is constantly reminding us that if we continue to disrespect her resources, rhythms, and natural riches, we will all pay the consequences. Climate change will continue and the earth doesn't need us...we need her.


I recently read a book by Robin Wall Kimmerer, called Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants. Robin is a mother, scientist, decorated professor, and member of the Citizen Potawatoni Nation. I had the pleasure of meeting Robin some years ago at a Conference for Indigenous Wisdom and Science in Canada.


At that time she told me that native and indigenous peoples knew they had to walk two honoring the wisdom of their ancestors and their respectful relationship to the earth and the other the way of "science" and the additional knowledge it can contribute. She said that humans are suffering from "species loneliness" because we are so afraid of the natural world, so abusive of it, and always take more than we need. We are ignorant of the basic laws of Creation. Children who have very little contact with the woods, mountains, or oceans are suffering from what one journalist calls, Nature Deficient Disorder. 


At this same conference, I heard one of the most revered prophetic elder women of the Mohawk nation. ( a tribe of the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois Confederacy), She spoke of a powerful dream and vision that came to her.

I remember sitting on the edge of my seat as the room went hush. She said in her dream, she saw there were two pathways for the earths' peoples. One pathway was red and charred, the other green and vibrant. In her dream she was far away from the earth and realized that it kept getting redder and redder as fires consumed the planet everywhere. This went on till the entire earth was nearly red...and then at the last turned green!  


Perhaps we are near the last second....


Chaos, crisis, and confusion during this global pandemic is also bringing opportunity. The opportunity to reset our relationship to the natural world and how we heal.


I believe the polarity that exists between Science and Metaphysics is actually moving towards an alignment that will open up more awareness as new ways of thinking and healing come into being.


The current allopathic medical paradigm bases its assumptions on the science of Newtonian physics. This is a kind of materialism that assumes nothing exists in the universe except matter, which follows scientific laws. The body is viewed as a complex mechanistic machine. 


Over 70 years ago Einstein “discovered” that matter and energy are interchangeable and physicists have now reverified the energetic field nature of matter.


But most physicians have not "yet integrated this

understanding into their model of human biological functioning" (http://alternativemedicinenis pdf)


Homeopathy and many forms of energetic therapeutics are more reflective of Quantum Physics, which threw all the assumptions out the window when it was discovered that subatomic particles don't obey the predictable laws of Newtonian physics.

Healing modalities from the Far East, China, and India have known about the energetic pathways of healing for centuries long before the discovery of Quantum physics.


I know whenever I attempt to explain the quantum doses of homeopathy it is often the most difficult for people to grasp.

We live in a world saturated with chemical drug therapies, opioid addictions, and iatrogenic deaths caused by drugs which often come as an inescapable consequence of "necessary" medical treatment.


Yet homeopathy is one of the many forms of energy healing that is helping people move away from a reliance on the allopathic medical paradigm to a more holistic, comprehensive, and integrative approach to healing. It is a safe, natural, yet effective alternative to drugs. 

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was a precursor to Einstein but his vital discovery of how to apply the "law of similars" for therapeutic purposes, was both revolutionary for its time and a threat to the existing order of medicine.


It still is a threat primarily because of the deliberate ignorance and backlash to even consider the idea of quantum medicine.

Humans once believed the world was flat until it was discovered or proven it is round, so it will take more time before homeopathy will be seen as a skilled art in healing.

Homeopathy is currently under attack in the USA as the FDA is treating all homeopathic medicines are illegal.

This means the FDA has the ability to remove remedies at any time or for any reason other than they are illegal. I urge anyone who has not signed the petition from Americans for Homeopathy Choice to the FDA to take a few mins and do so...the future of access to homeopathy is at stake:


If the majority of the world's population knew there was a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to treat the Covid-19 what would happen to the current model of "healing" via vaccine research and drugs with side effects? 


Homeopathy is a medical science that has been very successful with Covid-19. Homeopaths around the world have been announcing cured cases.

In fact the American Institute of Homeopathy recently established a comprehensive database of cured Covid-19 cases. https://homeopathyusa.o rg/


Denise Straiges, is a homeopath and the Director and Head of Clinical Affairs at the Centre for Homeopathic Education NYC, a subsidiary of CHE London, which is the largest homeopathic college in the UK. She founded Homeopathy Help Task Force, and shares cured cases from around the world.


Dr. Andre Saine, a pioneer homeopath from Canada, is also reporting cured cases from many countries: video/case-management-of-the- influenza-and-pneumonia- patient-with-homeopathy- during-the-covid-19-pandemic/.


Homeopathy for Everyone, the world's most popular homeopathic journal, has done an excellent job publishing cured cases: orials/ editorial-plan-b-for-covid-19/


A word of advise! If you are attempting to introduce people to the vast effectiveness of homeopathy or dealing with skeptics...refer them to the Compendium of Homeopathic Research from Americans for Homeopathy a comprehensive report submitted to the FDA. Just send them this link: https://homeopathychoice .org/wp-content/uploads/2019/ 02/AFHC-Research-Compendium- Submitted-to-FDA-1.pdf


So what about vaccines for Covid-19 ? Will they be effective? Will they be safe? 


So far at least five Covid-19 trials from major vaccine manufacturers have been suspended because of “suspected serious adverse reactions” to volunteers, including neurological problems. 





In Brazil, a woman doctor participating in a vaccine trial died recently but because of medical confidentiality we don’t know what really happened.


Considering that Vaccine manufacturers won immunity years ago from being sued for damages of any ill effects of vaccines, where does that leave people who suffer from such damages?


It takes years to develop any vaccine so rushing it through right now is being questioned by many doctors, researchers, and the general public in the US: 09/01/health/eua-coronavirus-v accine-history/index.html



Even the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has said that there is no guarantee any vaccine in development for the Covid-19 virus will work. /world-news/no-guarantee-any- covid-19-vaccine-in-developmen t-will-work-says-who-chief/ story-1vXtwsHNzKmYLpBF2DWckK. html?fbclid=IwAR3__dvw6t2YYKev vsaHoLRsnCZv41j7KzBAmQnb0Ycj0r lUl33i_Y_zr34


In a recent survey two thirds of Americans said they won’t get the vaccine: onavirus-vaccine-update-poll- resistance/


On aside note…did you know that scientists say at least 500,000 sharks will be needed to be killed to use for Covid- 19 vaccine: https://www.usatoday. com/story/news/health/2020/10/ 15/covid-19-vaccine-shark-oil- used-adjuvant-worries-conserva tionists/3588596001/


It is astonishing how you seldom hear the terms immunity of the body or susceptibility in the medical community when discussing ways to treat Covid-19. Homeopathy always addresses the immune system!


Maybe the suggestion from best selling author, Monika Wisniewska, is not such a bad idea when she said, "The vaccines should be tested on politicians first. If they survive then the vaccine is safe. If they don't then the country is safe."



If you want to do your own research regarding vaccines and their safety, here are three excellent resources.



Children's Defense Fund created by Robert Kennedy Jr. : https://childrenshealthdefen

( if you sign up for the CDF newsletter you will receive a comprehensive report on the state of children's health in the US. Very helpful for parents!)


Vaccines: A Reappraisal by Dr. Richard Moskowitz M.D.https://www.goodrea vaccines Dr. Moskowitz, a retired homeopath, has 50 years experience as a doctor and his recently published book is a must read to understand the current landscape of vaccines and the use of homeopathy. It is one of the best books on the market.



Vaccination Viewed from Holistic Perspective "Do Your Own Thinking, But First Inform Yourself" by Dr. Andre Saine.

This is a comprehensive, brilliant, scholarly approach to the dangers and many long term health ramifications of the effects of vaccination. This work is the result of a 3 1/2 hr webinar which I took with Dr. Saine. It is 188 pages with over 800 footnotes. If you are interested in reading it please email me at


Finally, while there are many remedies that are being used to treat the evolution of this pandemic, each case must always be individualized. Having said that, Bryonia alba, is still recommended as a prophylactic for the Covid-19 in the Northeast USA.

You can take Bryonia 30c every two weeks or 200c every three weeks. Taking your chronic or constitutional remedy once a month can be helpful too.

Stay tuned for information on a special Zoom class I will be offering on How to Use a Homeopathic Kit in January, 2021!


If you have any questions or are interested in consulting with me please email me at

Remember during these challenging times…


“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction”



Be well




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