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Homeopathy in Turkey

Hello everyone,

Merhaba from Eske Datca, a 4000 year old ancient village in southern Turkey located at the base of a long mountainous peninsula, with one side the Aegean Sea and the other the Mediterranean. It is is too far off the beaten path for most foreigners, so it is primarily villagers who live here and Turkish tourists who visit this historical site in the summer time. The nearest airport is a 2 and half hour trek through the very high mountains and the only road to get here was only recently paved.

The stone house I am living in has fig, olive, kumquat, lemons, banana, and mandarin trees in the garden along with many herbs such as oregano, rosemary, and sage…all native to this area of the world. The delicious luscious fruit from the bazar market is not like anything I can find in the U.S. as the fresh sweet cherries, watermelon, melons, apricots, ripe peaches, and pomegranates explode with flavor. As it is my second summer here I know which villager farmers have the best tomatoes, baby cucumbers, sweet onions, and purslane as well as creamy feta cheese and of course the best olives I ever tasted. You can find every healing herb imaginable at the bazaar to help you along with delicious goats milk ice cream.

Nearby is an organic olive tree farm where some of the best olive oil in the world is grown but unfortunately not exported. A small organic winery is also nearby along with many cafes. bistros, and restaurants which make the vibrancy of coming here so enjoyable. There are no high rise buildings or chain stores here just many small businesses that thrive in the summer time with Turkish tourists. Datca is famous for it’s organic almonds, olive oil, and honey as well as Aegean herbs.

I can’t begin to express the joy of swimming in the turquoise sea surrounded by majestic mountains, a powerful sun warming my body with windy days to relieve the heat. I feel like a dolphin even as I swim with sea turtles nearby. I swim at least an hour or more a day. As I am used to the cold water of Maine which energizes me, the Mediterranean relaxes me and soothes every part of my body. The other day a herd of white goats jumped down the mountain as I floated on my back.

Of course homeopathy is always such a big part of my life that I am meeting people who are open to using it for their health. People’s desire and need to heal in more natural and energetic ways is alive and well here. I am working with children and elders alike. People have similar problems and illnesses wherever you go.

I had many inquires on what remedies I was going to take for my airplane trip. The answer:Arnica and Gelsemium. Why Arnica? For jet lag or any possible injury. After a 9 hour flight, plus another hour flight to the south of Turkey and my trek through the mountains, I wanted to minimize the jet lag. Arnica worked beautifully. I took a 1M midway through my flight, again when I landed in Istanbul, and just before I went to bed in the village. I woke up with lots of energy!

And why Gelsemium? Well I had three reasons. Last summer I needed to take it once when I felt an unexplained lethargy come over me while in Turkey. I also suggested using it to numerous people before I left the US, and I specifically used it with my good friend Violet, who is 99 years old and was sick just before I had to leave.

So a word about Gelsemium and Violet as it is an important remedy to learn and comes up alot with summer flus.

Violet sent a short email saying she was dying the day before I left for Turkey. With an email like that I certainly needed to pay attention, so I decided to go pay a house visit and observe first hand what was going on.

When I arrived to her house around 10:00 am, Violet was in bed with lots of blankets on her and moaning that she was dying. As it was a hot day outside and the room was warm, I could see she was obviously chilly. She had water next to her bed but when I asked if she was thirsty she said no. I decided to wait a bit and keep observing her till I felt certain of the remedy. Violet was quite lethargic and had a bad headache, nausea, and couldn’t move. At first I suspected Bryonia might be needed but I realized three things that led me to Gelsimium. She was not thirsty even though she had a slight fever, she was worse thinking of her ailments, and the weather was warm and foggy outside. It was also 10:00 am …all characteristic modalities of Gelsemium for which the patient feels worse.

I always carry 10m Bryonia, Gelsemium, and Arnica on me wherever I go so I was prepared. Feeling fairly confident, I put 2 pellets dry under the tongue of Violet and waited. In the first half hour I didn’t see much difference so I thought… should I change the remedy? I looked up Hering’s guiding symptoms and saw under Gelsemium, fear of death. I decided to repeat the Gel 10m again. 

Shortly afterwards Violet sat up, decided to go to the bathroom and urinated. As Gelsemium is better urinating(especially the headache) I felt this was a good sign.

I had to pack for my trip abroad so I decided to leave and call Violet later. I put another 10m dose of Gelsemium in water and instructed her to take it time to time. I called her son who came to watch over her. Sometime later I got a call from Violet herself saying she felt so much better and knew she would heal. I was greatly relieved. The last thing I had jokingly said when I left Violet that day was “I’m sorry Violet I hate to bring you bad news but I don’t think you are going to die today!”

Full disclosure I also knew Violet had suffered the loss of a loved one dear to her recently and Gelsemium much like Ignatia, is deeply effected by upsetting news, or fright.

Since my trip to southern Turkey, I have had some interesting experiences using homeopathy that I’d like to share. A Turkish client from a few years ago called to say she fell, broke her leg and back, and was in bed immobilized. Since I also knew she had recently lost her beloved husband of many years, I knew I needed to bring her three different remedies. Can you guess what they were? 

If you chose Arnica, Symphytum, and Ignatia amara you would be correct. Now to get her the remedies and visit her, a good friend and I took a ferry boat across the Aegean to another peninsula. It took an hour and half to cross and then a half hour drive to visit her home. Once I arrived I saw her bruises and immediately gave her Arnica 10m. I told her to take it a few times that day and the next day. As she already had her leg in a cast I said for her to then start taking Symphytum 200c daily till she would get her cast off in a few weeks. As I have had experiences with this remedy in terms of broken bones, I knew she would heal in half the time it would normally take. You always want the person who broke a bone to have a cast on before beginning the Symphytum because it starts working immediately

During the course of the afternoon visit many tears came up over the loss of her husband so I gave her a dose of Ignatia amara 1m. Arnica would continue to help her but I wanted her to experience the energy of Ignatia as it can help shift how one feels fairly quickly. This was a case of watching and seeing what is most needed and central to the needs of the person in the moment. After a few hours we parted with her laughing and feeling hopeful again about her life.

I also am working with a child who according to his doctor in Istanbul had a bad reaction to a vaccination and was declared ‘autistic’ ever since. The child is about 4 years old and the parents were doing everything they could to help him but were devastated. After I took the case and observed the child, the remedy seemed clear. I explained to this lovely Turkish couple how to give the remedy and to follow up with me in a week. The father is a well known chef at a new hotel and when I went there for dinner he came out and told me that his son is responding to the remedy already. They couldn’t believe it! He made me a special dessert and bought me a local wine which was delicious. So just know homeopathy can push the boundaries of what conventional medicine often is at a loss to treat.

While there is a world wide backlash to homeopathy, (details in my previous newsletter) my experiences here tell me that more and more people are open to using homeopathy as they learn first hand about it’s benefits.

I believe we are living in challenging but interesting times. The transition of consciousness towards a more enlightened, natural, and energetic way of healing is evident everywhere. 

I heard a podcast recently that mentioned the work of theoretical physicist and renegade scientist, Dr. Amit Goswami, a proponent of the term quantum activist. A quantum activist sees the mind as operating in space and time, while the heart

connects us to Source, to oneness, to the quantum realm. It is the heart

that sees Love as the most powerful transforming force in the universe. It operates outside of space and time.

It’s interesting that when considering a case in homeopathy, the energy of the whole person is central to healing: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Hahnemann was a

precursor to Einstein and often referred to the workings of the remedies as “spirit like” as he had no other frame of reference or language to explain its mysterious healing

action. As homeopathic remedies are quantum doses of natural substances and as homeopathy is based on a natural law(law of similiars), I definitely feel like a quantum activist because I do this work out of love too.

So are you a quantum activist?

If so and if you are interested in world wide collective change, please join me in an upcoming Walk for the World event which is a free walking mediation open to anyone on September 23. 2023. Details here:

I am not sure where I will be in the world at that time, but I will join thousands of other quantum activists to help shift the vibration of fear to one of love and the conscious of clear intention to change the world for the better.

Finally, I just want say that I hope you will continue to support homeopathic pharmacies and distributors wherever you live. The FDA backlash to homeopathy in the U.S. is something to be concerned about as even Whole Foods (Amazon) has decided to stop selling homeopathic remedies. I know people whose lives were saved because they had quick access to remedies from a nearby Whole foods. It’s a big loss.

If you have an interesting healing story using homeopathy you would like to share, please email it to me and I will put it in my next newsletter.

Happy super full moon!

If you are interested in booking a consult with me please contact me at or call me at 978-806-7966.

Be well!



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