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Make Your Payment

Initial Consultation

$175 | 1 hour 30 minutes

This is an hour and half plus comprehensive consultation where I do a thorough review all your chronic health issues in depth. I collect information to find a homeopathic remedy that will most energetically help you move forward in a healing direction. A questionnaire will be sent out to you to complete and send back to me for review before we meet.

Follow Up Consultation

$65 | 45 minutes

This is 45 min followup up after the first consultation to review and make sure a remedy is assisting a person’s healing. The focus is a review of your health concerns and what kind of progress you are making.

General Consultation

$50 | 30 minutes

This is a 30 min review to see how a person is progressing and answer any questions about the process of healing using homeopathy.

Acute Consultation

$30 | 10 minutes

A ten minute consult for any acute condition that might arise that needs immediate attention. It is usually conducted via phone or texting.

How To Use A Homeopathic Kit
for Emergencies, Fevers & Flus

$75 | 1 hour 30 minutes

This is an in depth hour plus of learning how to use a Homeopathic kit for most emergencies. I teach the fundamental principles of healing with homeopathy, a brief history, and then focus on which remedies can be used for acute emergencies including trauma, fevers, flues. It is a practical course designed to provide information to assist most acute situations.

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